Album Review: Jason Wilber – Reaction Time

Nothing puts things into perspective like a lonely road allowing isolation with one’s thoughts.  On his new album, Reaction Time, Jason Wilber takes the fragments from his mind’s eye and melds them into a lyrical testimony of his inner contemplation about his past, his current place in life, and what the future holds.   With over... Continue Reading →

Interview: David Luning

California music-maker David Luning had always been drawn to the cinematic—so much so that he ventured to Berklee College of Music to study film scoring. After two years in college, however, a chance hang with friends threw an enormous, John Prine-sized wrench in his best laid plans. “Two friends invited me over to hang out... Continue Reading →

Interview: Jeffrey Foucault

Armed with his guitar and his smoky voice, and joined by a complementary cast of fellow music vets, songwriter/producer Jeffrey Foucault has created Salt As Wolves, an exquisitely-crafted assemblage of original songs that represents all that is good, pure, and true about American music.  The album was released on October 16th, and explores the ideas of love,... Continue Reading →

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