Premiere: “Tired & Poor” by Rob Williams

No matter where you stand in the political arena, it’s hard to ignore the turbulent conditions in which we find ourselves at the moment. In times of instability, oppression, division, and cultural chaos, artists are there to question the status quo, using their creativity to bring overlooked issues to light. On October 27th, Richmond, Virginia-based... Continue Reading →

“50 Cent Smile” – New Music from Charles Ellsworth

Brooklyn transplant Charles Ellsworth escaped the harsh New York City winter to return to his roots in Arizona and record his new album, Cesaréa, set for release on May 26th via Burro Borracho Records. Ellsworth joined forces with producer Bob Hoag (Courtney Marie Andrews, The Format, Gin Blossoms) to create Cesaréa, which embodies his signature country-Americana sound, yet pushes... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “Immigrant” by Charles Alexander

"It's about my own personal journey; given who I am and given my family, I don't feel I can be silent anymore," says folk singer/songwriter Charles Alexander of his poignant and timely new single, "Immigrant," which he plans to release on January 20th--Inauguration Day. “Inauguration Day is such an auspicious occasion. Given the recent conversation around immigration,... Continue Reading →

Album Review: John Fatum – John Fatum LP

“She’s my favorite little pie on the windowsill…I heard one taste of you mama, would be any man’s fill,” sings John Fatum, his words dripping with with double entendre and come-hither flirtation as he channels the blues of his native Chicago in “The Little Pie Blues,” the opening track of his self-titled album out December... Continue Reading →

“Champagne Drops” – New Music from My bubba

Scandinavian folk duo My bubba released "Champagne Drops", a warmly sensual new song that celebrates the season; with its subtle Motown groove and delicately soft vocals, the song mirrors the sweetness mingled with darkness and seriousness so often felt during this time of year. My bubba (My Larsdotter -- pronounced mee -- and Bubba Tomasdottír) have... Continue Reading →

Pew Playlist: 3 Albums That Should Be On Your Radar, 10/14/16

Dustbowl Revival - Busted After two years away from the studio playing festivals and shows around the world, The Dustbowl Revival is sharing its first two tracks from their forthcoming new record with a 7" out today via Signature Sounds. The A-side is the soulful "Busted", which flexes the band’s more modern instrumental evolution, using traditional folk instruments and putting them through wah-peddles... Continue Reading →

Interview: Luke Roberts

Singer/songwriter Luke Roberts has one hell of a story; “I was raised in a cult,” he begins, much to my surprise.  “In the late 70s and early 80s, there were three blocks of houses in my East Nashville neighborhood owned by people who all went to the same church, it was like city commune. Around... Continue Reading →

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