Premiere: “Raise Up Your Hand” by Katherine Rondeau


Philadelphia folk artist Katherine Rondeau is set to release her first fully-produced album, New Hope Chateau, on October 21st. Rondeau’s path to full-time folk music took a meandering route; although a lifelong music enthusiast and performer, she spent most of the past 15 years in academia before deciding to return to the thing she loved most.

“I know I’ve got a big voice, and I like to think I’m carrying on the tradition of the old-school booming female folk singer – Ronnie Gilbert, Odetta, Mary Travers from Peter Paul & Mary,” she explains. “Listening to those old records as a girl gave me a clear message that it was a good thing to sing out loud and proud.”

“Raise Up Your Hand”, the album’s first single, was inspired by the idea of finding common ground and connecting with others.  “If every one of us could see the commonalities we really do have in our everyday lives, we might be able to become better connected to each other,” she says. “It’s hard to hate someone you feel like you know, who has had experiences just like you. I wanted the song to be timeless – there is a line about ‘the 99%’, but the lyrics focus on things that always seem to be true in society throughout history– some are born with more than others…those without a voice can join together…systems in society seem to keep the ‘haves’ in good stead and leave a lot of people behind.”

“I wrote “Raise Up Your Hand” as a call to action,” she adds. “Share something of yourself, reach up and reach out to others, and take that opportunity to make a connection and make the world a better place.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents the premiere of “Raise Up Your Hand” by Katherine Rondeau:

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