The Imaginaries Performing At Nashville's The Basement

Out of the driveway, onto the highway/The day has finally come/Feeling so strong after waiting so long/I know we’re gonna get there from here

Lyrics from “Blue Sky” by The Imaginaries

“Blue Sky,” by Oklahoma’s The Imaginaries, is actually about their literal trek to start the band. However, the lyrics sync perfectly with the band’s path to their recent show at Nashville’s The Basement.  The husband-and-wife duo, comprised of Shane Henry and Maggie McClure (supported by full band), used their time well, giving fans a broad taste of their musical offerings and their journey. 

It has indeed been a tale worth telling about challenges, perseverance, and a lot of love. The question is where to start.  The concert was of course filled with songs from their recent self-titled album.  The release itself was met with several challenges including a health crisis and the financial impact of COVID closures. The pair used the time of isolation to their advantage, making music videos and promoting their new songs. As the crowd listened to the intensity of the opener, “Geronimo,” tapped toes to the follower, “Thinking ‘Bout You,” and bathed in the couple’s harmonies on, “Trust Falling,” these relatively new songs already felt like classics because we’ve listened to them so many times.  Later in the show, it was impossible not to feel hairs rise as Henry fiercely strummed the opening chords to their epic single, “Walking on a Wire.” 

With you by my side/As we watch the world go by/All I need in this life/Is you and the blue sky

However, the night wasn’t just about the present.  As they shared, the self-titled LP holds a gateway to the band’s past.  Near the end of the set, while the crowd nodded along to the infectious rhythm, the duo played the first song they wrote together as The Imaginaries, “There Will Come a Day.” Continuing to reflect on their history together, they quickly followed with the swaying, soulful sounds of their latest release, “You Already Know,” originally written together by the couple for their wedding. The crowd applauded as McClure shared this story, along with the fact that the couple just celebrated their 10th anniversary.  Throughout the night, the bond between the duo was palpable, adding deep authenticity to their oft-romanticized lyrics.

Shane Henry and Maggie McClure of The Imaginaries

Mile after mile, turning the dial/To a small-town serenade/Smilin’ in silence, Each state line reminds of/Just how far we came

Together, The Imaginaries have made it to the other side and are back on the road sharing their new music across the country. This show at The Basement was the final stop on the current tour leg that has kept them traveling for two months and taken them over 15,000 miles. Fortunately for us, they didn’t show any signs of slowing down.  As the band prepared to close the set, Henry only had to play a few sticky blues notes on his guitar for everyone to know their hit single, “Revival,” was on its way.  By the end of the song, its big, foot-stomping beat was firmly implanted in our heads.  The song’s message of new beginnings made for a fitting end to the story…for now.

No matter what happens, I know we’ll be fine/We’re writing this story one page at a time. 

Maggie McClure Performing at Nashville's The Basement

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