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Who’s ready for some new and new(ish) music that we may just be catching up on? We’ve got a whole new roundup of tracks added to our Spotify playlist! Please enjoy our curated selection of the latest Americana, folk, alt-country, and bluegrass. (And make sure to connect with the artists on social media!)

Fantastic Negrito – “Rolling Through California” Feat. Miko Marks

Fantastic Negrito Artist Photo

GRAMMY Award-winning artist Fantastic Negrito’s funktastic “Rolling Through California” brings attention to the widespread tragedies inflicted by California wildfires, specifically the Dixie Fire of 2021 which burned over 960K acres of land–the largest single fire in California state history. Wildfires have countless repercussions on the environment–wildlife and human casualties and displacement, climate change acceleration, and more. The video, which also features fellow soul powerhouse Miko Marks, is set on a ranch and follows a dejected and exhausted young Black firefighter seeking refuge who eventually finds home with another historically marginalized and overlooked group, the Black Cowboys of America. Never one to shy away from difficult subjects, Fantastic Negrito pushes through the pain and uses his voice and the power of his unique gifts to bring awareness to important issues and inspire us to better understand each other as human beings.

Connect with Fantastic Negrito:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

The Sully Band – “When The Battle Is Over” Feat. Rebecca Jade

Sully Band Group Photo
Sully Band Photo by Steve Sherman

If you’re looking for a party in your ears, look no further than The Sully Band’s take on Aretha Franklin’s 1970 cut “When The Battle Is Over (ft. Rebecca Jade),” from their forthcoming LP Let’s Straighten It Out! This San Diego-based, 10-piece, beast of a band, staffed by GRAMMY-winning maestros makes us want to get up and dance. The band provides a most funktastic backdrop while frontman (and national tv/radio host Bob “Sully” Sullivan) trades licks with the soulful Rebecca Jade. “When the battle is over, who will wear the crown?” the lyrics inquire, and we’re pretty sure The Sully Band will walk away with that prize.

Connect with The Sully Band:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

The Lumineers – “A.M. Radio”

The Lumineers Band Photo

We’ve had a soft spot for stomp-and-holler folk outfit The Lumineers since “Ho Hey” back in 2012. The band recently release “A.M. Radio,” a track from their forthcoming fourth studio LP (or “fourthcoming”…see what we did there) Brightside due out January 14. With its yearning and intimate verses that progressively crescendo into a powerful ending, we’re treated to that signature sing-along quality that we love from our favorite Lumineers tunes.

Connect with The Lumineers:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Sad Daddy – “Charlie Pickle”

Sad Daddy Band Photo By Annemarie Sundell
Sad Daddy Band Photo By Annemarie Sundell

Rootsy quartet Sad Daddy (Brian Martin, Joe Sundell, Rebecca Patek, Melissa Carper) announced their forthcoming LP Way Up In The Hills (out January 28th) with the release of lead single “Charlie Pickle.” The track is about an old timer who embodies the phrase “dance like no one is watching.” With that in mind, Sad Daddy used footage from their fans who recorded themselves doing everything from buck dancing and clogging to the moonwalk and the mashed potato. The heartwarming video is hilarious, and is the perfect complement to this brilliant song. We think Charlie Pickle would definitely be proud.

Connect with Sad Daddy:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Mike Legere – “Love Songs (In Fear Of Dying Penniless)”

Mike Legere Artist Art

Have you ever felt like an outsider looking in? Like you’re alone in the midst of grief and heartbreak? Toronto-based artist Mike Legere wrote a song about it called “Love Songs (In Fear Of Dying Penniless), but don’t let that title scare you away–this song features Legere’s 60s-era folk-singer style vibrato against muscular rock n’ roll. It’s a juxtaposition of sound, and we just love those kinds of tunes. The video illustrates that feeling of isolation, where all the players are separated in different camera shots, with a little madness thrown in for good measure. It’s also kind of comforting to feel all alone…together.

Connect with Mike Legere:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

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Sad Daddy Band Photo By Annemarie Sundell

Sully Band Photo by Steve Sherman

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