Premiere: “Room For Two” by Wyatt Edmondson

“The inspiration for ‘Room For Two’ came out of the way the guitar line makes me feel. It’s fun, flirtatious, and a little silly,” says Alabama-bred Nashville-based artist Wyatt Edmondson of his latest single. The track appears on his forthcoming EP If I Don’t Try, set for release on February 21st.

“It’s kind of like the fun, lighthearted bit of the EP,” he continues. “The other four songs have a more serious tone, while this one is like, ‘Hey, let’s take a break here and just cut loose a little bit.’ At the same time, dating and first encounters can be unnerving for many folks, so I hope it will remind people to make light of their knee-jerk emotions and anxieties. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh it off.”  

This carefree crowd-pleaser brims with swampy slide guitar and infectious handclaps, twinkling eyes and fluttering nerves, as Edmonson conveys the story of a guy sitting at his “go-to place” who wants to flirt with the girls sitting next to him. “I picture the song being the movie he runs over in his head before making a move,” Edmondson reveals. “In the last verse, he finally does it and… well you’ll just have to listen to the song.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Room For Two” from Wyatt Edmondson:

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