Premiere: “Good Old Days” by Bradford Loomis

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Once upon a time, I spied an inspirational office wall-hanging that said: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” As cheesy as those kinds of posters are, these words still resonate in a profound way, reminding me that in order to make my dreams work, I have to work and that that work will take me on the adventure of a lifetime. Nashville-based Americana artist Bradford Loomis captures this sentiment in his new single, “Good Old Days,” a track from his forthcoming album Where The Light Ends, set for release on October 11th.

“‘Good Old Days,’ to me, is about wanting to keep following your dreams with all the wide-eyed wonder that we had as kids. I think it’s the desire to have a relentless, and even reckless, hope,” says Loomis. “Austin Jenckes (my writing partner on this song) and I were talking about how we grew up and how following your dreams seems so simple when you’re a kid with your whole life in front of you. As kids, a lot of us haven’t suffered the blows that life can sometimes throw at you that dash your confidence and burden you with doubt. There is such an invigorating optimism in remembering the way we viewed our futures as kids,” he adds. “I want that passion and zeal going forward.”

Loomis sings from experience–from recession-caused lost jobs to family illness, to relocation and finding new a new community—hut reveals that he is living his “good old days” now. “I spent 10 years in the desert having walked away from music,” he says.  “I tried for so long to ‘get a real job.’ I wore a lot of different hats in that pursuit and none of them fit and many were quite painful. When I went all in in 2013, to pursue making music for a living, it started a radical shift. Every year since has brought different challenges and incredible milestones, it just keeps getting better,” he continues. “I got to take my wife and three kids on tour this summer for 11 weeks, and it was amazing! That’s some great quality time with my family seeing the country in all its truest colors.”

“Good Old Days” is like a wide-open stretch of road in sonic form, where there’s nothing ahead but opportunity. With his velvety growl that is one moment tender, the next commanding, Loomis inspires us to put the top down and embark on that dream-paved highway of freedom with abandon. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Good Old Days” by Bradford Loomis:

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