Premiere: “Where You Came From” by Stepsons

“There’s a great big world to find out beyond that setting sun, but you always remember where you came from,” sings Andrew Capra, the creative mastermind behind Nashville-based jangly, heartland rock outfit Stepsons, in the band’s new single “Where You Came From.”

“’Where You Came From’ is a song written about a road trip through New Mexico with my wife,” Capra reminisces. “We set off to find a small, dusty town where her father grew up. It’s next to a set of train tracks on the border of New Mexico and Texas, and the town has barely changed – the diner still exists where he worked in the 50’s and her family name is on some old gravestones in the city graveyard,” he continues. “It was such a beautiful experience to find this place where generations began as we were winding through the desert.” The song is the title track to Stepsons’ forthcoming EP which was tracked live in Nashville at The Smoakstack with co-producers Paul Moak and Joshua Gleave and mixed by Jon Kaplan (The Killers, Parachute).

Brimming with optimistic nostalgia, “Where You Came From” is an anthemic, guitar-driven reminder that our beginnings are woven like singular strands throughout the tapestry of our lives, providing structure and foundation for the colors and textures of adventures to come.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Where You Came From” by Stepsons:

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Susan Hubbard

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