Premiere: “Make It Better” by High South

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As the leaves turn and the air cools, Nashville-based trio High South distills the last vestiges of summer into 70s-tinged sunshine with their new single “Make It Better.”

Comprised of singer-songwriters Kevin Campos, Jamey Garner, and Phoenix Mendoza, HIgh South draws worthy comparisons to bands like The Doobie Brothers and The Eagles, which is more than evident in “Make It Better,” a call to unify the masses, featured on their new EP A Change In The Wind, set for release on October 26th. “The inspiration behind ‘Make It Better’ was really just a way for us to hold up a mirror and say, ‘Everyone, take a hard look at what the world is experiencing right now. Doesn’t this look familiar? Haven’t we been down this road before?'” explains Garner. “If humanity can pay heed to our past mistakes, we can all evolve to a much better place. But we can only do that together.”

“We had Just come back from a really successful songwriting trip in Joshua Tree, California,” Mendoza continues. “We had all agreed that we wanted to talk about real issues. There was a time when music was a soundtrack to the social awareness of generations. Musicians and songwriters weren’t afraid of taking chances or speaking up for what they believed in. Somewhere along the line, music became commercial, used for selling products and advertising. That happens with most artistic endeavors as we all know, but it felt like it was becoming more and more prevalent,” he adds. “We all believed that we had a real chance to say something that mattered, hopefully to an audience that both wanted and needed to hear it.”

From its punchy sun-drenched instrumentation to its golden-dipped harmonies, “Make It Better” does just that. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Make It Better” by High South:

[High South will celebrate A Change In The Wind with a release show/70s Halloween party featuring special guest Pearl at The Basement in Nashville on October 27th. Click HERE for more information.]

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