“Let Go” – New Music from NOLA

 “Although from Sweden, I have always been drawn to American folk music, both as a listener and a writer. I usually weave features from this genre into my songs,” explains Swedish artist Johanna Karlson, who makes music under the moniker NOLA, who recently released Killing Time, her new four-song EP.

“One of the most beautiful things with Americana, I think, is the depth created from simplicity and directness in the lyrics. The theme of ‘Let Go’ may seem to be a sad one, directed to a lover that is slipping away. However, I wrote this song for my boyfriend in a time period when I had to get up on weekends to work, and he got to stay in bed,” she says of album track “Let Go”; with one foot in traditional American folk, and the other in Swedish indie pop, NOLA uses the best of worlds to create her own contemplative, smoky-voiced brand of art.

Give it a spin:


Susan Hubbard

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