Premiere: “Love In The Winter” by Romantica

On June 8th, Minnesota-based Americana band Romantica will release their new album Outlaws, a very personal collection of songs that reinforce the idea that hope, indeed, springs eternal. 

Born from recording sessions and live shows captured over the last ten years, Outlaws was put together during songwriter and frontman Ben Kyle’s two-year recovery from a life-threatening battle with Lyme disease that placed him in a period of exile from normal, everyday life—much like an outlaw. Reflecting on the deep valleys and an ongoing journey to wholeness, Kyle has found peace in gratitude, in the realization that life is truly a gift. 

Today, the band unveils “Love In The Winter,” a track from Outlaws recorded between dates on a west coast tour which features ethereal backing vocals from Carrie Rodriguez. “We drove through the night, through the Arizona desert in 110 degrees with no AC, windows down and fire in the breeze, checking into Los Angeles at 5 o’clock in the morning for a full day in the studio with Alex Oana (engineer) and Eric Heywood (steel guitar),” recalls Kyle. “I think we tracked five songs but this one was definitely the winner – inspired by the frozen lakes and icy air of Minnesota from whence we came. We wrapped up in time for sound check at the Hotel Cafe and a hang with Lucinda Williams… nobody wanted that to end, but we had to hit the road again for San Fran,” he continues. “So, we drove through the hot evening – early morning breeze once more before Big Red, as we lovingly knew her, gave up the ghost, somewhere north of the City of Angels and south of Santa Rosa in the sweat and smoke and heat of a California desert highway….a far cry from Love in the Winter.”

“You be the snow, I’ll be the angel / You be the darkness, I’ll be the danger,” Kyle sings tenderly, as the song pulses along subtly, reminiscent of an early morning drive when the sun peeks over the horizon, in that cozy space between the quiet reverence of the night and the noisy bustle of the day—when the only thing in front of you is possibility. 

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Love In The Winter” by Romantica:

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