“Please Don’t Leave Me Like This” – New Music from Edward + Jane

It goes without saying that feelings are complicated things; even the idea of discussing them strikes fear in the hearts of the strongest. While words may fail to adequately describe an emotion itself, its effects are far-reaching and most of the time, unforgettable. Feelings have the ability to connect us to others in powerful ways, and that’s what makes “Please Don’t Leave Me Like This,” the new tune from folkicana duo Edward + Jane so incredibly moving.

“I feel as though most people might be able to recall a time of feeling distance in one or more relationships,” says band member Timothy Edward Carpenter. “’Please Don’t Leave Me Like This’ captures the moment of grief that quickly follows a lover’s departure and more importantly begs for the will to not let them go in the first place.” The pair’s heart-wrenching harmonies convey not only the gut-punching pain and loneliness of being left behind, they remind us that to feel is to be alive, and that’s a good thing.

Wrap your ears around this one:

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