“Coming Back Around” – New Video from Saints Eleven

Dallas, Texas-based trio Saints Eleven create a soul-stirring concoction of bluegrass and punk-infused honky tonk, a sound that embodies the wild and free spirit of the Lonestar State. Songwriter and frontman Jeff Grossman explores the mistakes he’s made and the pain he’s endured, and proudly wears his battle scars like war medals, using his soulful, emotive vocals, carried on a cloud of country-fried strings and twang, to captivate even the most timid listeners.

“I wish I could take back the words I said,” sings Grossman, as we witness a barroom brawl happening in reverse; the band’s new video for “Coming Back Around,” the title track of their latest album, features the three piece outfit as they perform in the middle of a surreal scene. Check it out:


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