Video Premiere: “Green Coat” by Nightingail

Nashville singer/songwriter Alicia Gail, who makes music under the moniker Nightingail, recently recorded a live session performing her song, “Green Coat,” at Nashville’s Magnetic Sound.

“I wrote this song about two years ago while I was driving from Nashville back home to Memphis,” she recalls. “The radio in my car was broken at the time, and I started tapping this beat on the steering wheel and singing everything that was on my mind,” she adds. “It was a calming way of talking myself through letting someone go.”

Growing up in the south, it’s not surprising that gospel, blues and jazz were the beginning of her understanding music and its emotion. The dreamy “Green Coat” oozes nostalgia and intrigue; Gail takes her cues from Prohibiton-era smokey speakeasies  and flappers looking for red hot jazz, her voice equal parts Broadway baby and sultry chanteuse.

Gail will be touring extensively for the remainder of this year, all while writing and recording her debut full-length album, with a three-song EP set for release in late spring.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Green Coat,” the new video by Nightingail:

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