Premiere: “Good Luck Unto Ya” by John Fatum

1475777467770.jpgNew York City-based rootsy folkmeister John Fatum will release his eponymous full length album, a follow-up to last year’s Locked Up In My Mind LP, on December 9th via Dala Records.

The album’s first single, “Good Luck Unto Ya”, explores the catharsis of ending a friendship. “I had to cut off a relationship with a friend, which is always difficult; the song is inspired by that sentiment,” explains Fatum.

“The experience of recording it was really special–we had invited a bunch of friends to the studio; I asked one of the them to grab an electric guitar, I took the acoustic, and my friend Sarah Jarosz had come by–we’re really close and I look up to her as a musician, and we’d never recorded anything together before. I said ‘Sarah, I have my pawn shop mandolin here, do you want to sing and play on this track?’ and she said ‘Sure! That sounds like fun!'” he adds with a laugh. “We tracked it once through, and when we finished, it was like we’d all scored a touchdown together. I won’t forget it.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Good Luck Unto Ya” by John Fatum:

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