Album Premiere: “Come On Home” by Greg Cornell & The Cornell Brothers

Brooklyn-based four-piece acoustic roots music outfit, Greg Cornell & The Cornell Brothers–siblings in music (but not in fact)–will release their brand new LP, Come On Home, on Tuesday August 2nd.

Produced by band member Adam Moss and engineered by three-time Grammy Award winner Justin Guip, the album features gems brought to life by the band’s tight three-part harmonies and excellent musicianship. Cornell’s songs are influenced as much by his literary heroes (Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau) as they are by his musical ones (John Prine, Gram Parson, Levon Helm, Neil Young, 1970’s bluegrass). He writes of regret turning into redemption, and holding onto hope through travail–timely stories about immigration, the (in)justice system, The Trail of Tears, betrayal, love, work and, of course, hope.

“The songs on the album (half of which I co-wrote with Sarah Johnson, Todd Willison, Kurt Olsen or Adam Moss, and one that is a poem by Walt Whitman) all fit under the theme of the song “Come On Home”, whose lyrics were written by my old friend and college roommate Kurt Olsen. I think the songs are about overcoming despair, pain and injustice, through struggle, ending in hope, which is like coming home,” says Cornell of the new album. ” I’m just not that interested in bitterness, self-pity or cynicism, I am interested in struggling to find ways out of those very human conditions.”

“A lot of the characters in the songs find themselves in dire circumstances, but their sense of hope helps them find a path out of that,” he continues. “There are some songs on the record dealing with injustice, but I tried not to tell the stories in a strictly political way; they are not so much protest songs as they are about an individual’s struggle to not get his or her soul crushed by the injustice that is inflicted on them.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew is proud to present Come On Home by Greg Cornell & The Cornell Brothers:

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