Authenticity can be gleaned from a singer’s delivery. You can often tell if the words have personal meaning to the artist, rather than simply being text set to music, which is exactly what Ashley Riley was able to capture on her latest album, Set You Free. Thanks to her always expressive, often aching, sometimes raw, vocal delivery, she leaves no doubt we’re getting the real deal.

Album Premiere: “Collecting Trip” by R. Finn

With haunting yet hopeful arrangements and heart-wrenchingly poignant lyrics, R. Finn has put his kickstand down in the midst of the vast Americana landscape to create a bar-raising deep dive into the best attributes of the genre on his forthcoming album, Collecting Trip, set for release on January 19th. Following a two-year stint working with The... Continue Reading →

Album Premiere: “Rooted In You” by Wilson Harwood

In these divisive times, where interaction with other humans is largely relegated to electronic transmissions, Wilson Harwood brings personal connection to the forefront with his forthcoming album, Rooted In You, set for release on October 9th. The Nashville-based banjoist combines deftly-executed finger-picking with poignant lyrics delivered in a soothing vocal style. Comprised of songs written... Continue Reading →

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