“Embers” – New Music from Citizen Of The World

Citizen of the World has built on the success of the foot-stomping Folk-Rock genre, popularized by the likes of Mumford & Sons, to carve a new genre described by one competition judge as “Epic Folk”.  Their new song “Embers” is an ode to those warm summer nights spent around a fire, reflecting on life and enjoying being alive. “Embers” features strong melodic saxophone lines that sit on top of uplifting choruses that will make you want to get up, light a fire, and dance around it.  In the verses, the saxophone makes room for subtle piano melodies that accompany the vocals. The steady beat pumping through the song combined with the powerful chorus plays right into the band’s Epic-Folk genre.

The song was recorded and mixed, as per tradition, in frontman Gerrit’s living room in Coogee, Sydney (affectionately known as Bay Street Records). Give it a spin:


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