Darlingside Delights at City Winery

Gathered together around a microphone or two, Darlingside, masters of vocal harmonies and conquerors of all things stringed, dazzled and delighted a rapt City Winery audience; currently on tour with Mexo-Americana group David Wax Museum, the busy Boston folk quartet brought “more Doug” to the Music City.  Friend and new Nashvillian, Americana songstress Caitlin Canty, joined the group onstage for a time; the band’s bond was showcased in their obvious chemistry (and comedic anecdotes), and we can’t wait to see them again.  If you missed the fun, don’t fret–Darlingside will be traveling from sea to shining sea until July.  Take a look at their tour schedule for more show dates, and check out our glorious photos from the evening:

20160416-East of 8th-10

20160416-East of 8th-11

20160416-East of 8th-12

20160416-East of 8th-13

20160416-East of 8th-14

20160416-East of 8th-15

20160416-East of 8th

20160416-East of 8th-8

20160416-East of 8th-7

20160416-East of 8th-6

20160416-East of 8th-5

20160416-East of 8th-4

20160416-East of 8th-3

20160416-East of 8th-2

20160416-East of 8th-9

[These amazing photos were taken by the incomparable Ryan Kanaly.  You can see more of his genius on display at ryansmallhands.com.]

Susan Hubbard

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