Video Premiere: “Lay Me Down” – The Grahams

“It’s probably the most personal song on the record,” says Alyssa Graham, one-half of Americana duo The Grahams.  “It’s basically a cry to each other about our rambling life.  Doug and I live on the road, we’re never at home.  This song is the culmination of us recognizing how crazy our life is, and begging for those small moments of intimacy and standing still together.”  “We invoked a gospel/spiritual sound for this one because it means so much to us,” adds “other half” Doug Graham. “It’s almost at a godly level, how much we love and miss each other.”

Using footage from the trans-American train adventure during which they lived the experiences captured in the songs on their latest album, Glory Bound, the video invokes the  sentimental spirit behind this special song.

“When you’re traveling together and making music together, it’s work,” explains Alyssa.  “We have to take advantage of those moments when we can connect wth each other.  ‘Lay Me Down’ basically says ‘we’re in the middle of this crazy life, and I would give it all up to be with you, even for a moment.’”  SWOON.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents the premiere of “Lay Me Down” by The Grahams:

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