Album Review: The Saint Johns – Dead Of Night

These days, duos are a dime a dozen, yet a duo who can find a perfect balance of vocal blend and well-crafted songs is definitely a dynamic duo. Jordan Meredith and Louis Johnson, also known as Americana twosome The Saint Johns, have managed to do just that with the release of their first full length album, Dead of Night, out today, March 4th via Kemosabe Records. Six years ago, the pair moved to Nashville after brief a stint in New York City and now call the Music City home. Dead of Night, which showcases savvy production, formidable songwriting, and lush instrumentation, is a strong step forward from the band’s last release, 2015’s Open Water.

While each song is triumphant in its own regard, there are a few that particularly stand out to this listener; “Lost the Feeling” transitions the band from their former acoustic guitar-driven style into a new fresh take on soft rock. “Testifier”, co-written with songwriter and producer Trent Dabbs, takes on a rockabilly twang that melds perfectly with Jo Meredith’s lead vocal.  This one is an anthemic fist-pumper; the pair’s harmonies are carried along beautifully upon the music supporting them, creating a striking sonic seamlessness.

In contrast to the barn-burning aesthetic of “Testifer” is the haunting “Little Bit”, which incorporates strings and a touch of drama sown throughout.  Their voices match remarkably, but their vocal individuality is not lost in the partnership.  Meredith and Johnson are not related, but this album proves they were born to make music together.

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