Best of 2015: Langhorne Slim – The Spirit Moves

Few albums brandished the vigor of Langhorne Slim and The Law’s The Spirit Moves. The title track, which wields bold brass over exaggerated drums, sets the tone for the no-holds-barred release. Coupled with the infectious banjo-jam “Strangers”, Slim squirms to earworm his way into the heart of his listeners in a manner reminiscent of a hyper child stuck with a sugar-high in the back pew of church–he’s just bursting with energy.

However, the album isn’t all bells and whistles. Slim unites his edginess with a vulnerability and honesty that can’t be taught. Both “Changes” and “Life’s A Bell” highlight a silkier, emotive side to the album. The combination of the two blends into an extraordinarily haunting and exhilarating album that will cling to listeners with a white-knuckle grip.

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Langhorne Slim


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