“To Chicago” – New Music from Ciaran Lavary

Award-winning Irish wave-maker Ciaran Lavary recently released "To Chicago," a track from his forthcoming album, Sweet Decay, out April 13th. "I'll love you baby 'til the parking ticket runs out," he begins in his smooth, silky tenor, and our interest is immediately piqued. "To Chicago" is like a fleeting, yet warm sense of security, the acknowledgement of convenient affection... Continue Reading →

“Return To Form” – New Music from Ciaran Lavery

Irish singer-songwriter Ciaran Lavery has announced that he will be releasing his sophomore album, Let Bad In, on May 27th via Believe Recordings.  Let Bad In blends Americana and hip-hop influences in a grainy voice with a deep soul impulse over processed beats and sumptuous strings that ultimately create a "very personal album" says the singer.  He explains, "I have... Continue Reading →

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