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  • Premiere: “New Love” by The National Reserve

    Premiere: “New Love” by The National Reserve

    The National Reserve cut their teeth doing residencies in Brooklyn clubs, vying for the thinly-spread attention of each night’s crowd–and they got really good at it. Their sound is already a classic, a unique rockicana blend that’s all their own. “Who do they sound like?” you might ask…well, they sound like The National Reserve. Now, the band […]

  • Interview: The Hollows

    Interview: The Hollows

      Crowded around a small coffee shop table with 5 of the 6 members of Brooklyn-based rockicana band The Hollows, I noticed that this was indeed a group of individuals as different as the beverages they had ordered at the counter. Comprised mostly of college friends with backgrounds in theater, The Hollows formed in 2009; making […]

  • Interview: Shotgun Wedding

    Interview: Shotgun Wedding

    “I wasn’t born in the Blue Ridge Mountains/I’m from Valley Stream/We never hoe-downed ’til the sun came up/We played stick ball in the street” sings Dennis DelGaudio, lead vocalist of Brooklyn-based “CityCountry” band Shotgun Wedding, in the title track of their new album, South Of Somwehere.  “We’re not from the South, but we’re all from […]

  • Interview: John Fatum

    Interview: John Fatum

    Music is a universal language; it can convey the highest highs and the deepest depths of human emotion, it triggers memories, it defines historical eras, it unites.  Music communicates to each listener in different ways; sometimes it speaks to us, and then sometimes, it SPEAKS to us.  That’s how I felt the first time I […]

  • Album Review: Locked Up In My Mind – John Fatum

    Album Review: Locked Up In My Mind – John Fatum

    Sometimes I hear an album that feels so genuine and unique, it refreshes my musical palate, bringing new flavors I didn’t even know I liked.  My musical experience had been missing something for a while, but I didn’t know what–until my first listen to John Fatum’s debut LP, Locked Up in My Mind, due for release December 11th via […]