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Over the last couple of years, movement slowed, and when we slow down, it makes sense that our observations and perspectives change. It becomes easier to notice even the smallest things. Who else out there noticed birds singing louder than ever without the constant assault of noise from industry?

And, when things are quiet, it’s easier to hear the truth. Boston-based, award-winning artist (and professor at Berklee College of Music!) Susan Cattaneo’s All Is Quiet was written in this reflection and stillness. 

Each of the album’s nine tracks is a moving, beautiful distillation of the human condition. Cattaneo writes of being creatively muted in the album’s title track, and uses this album to emerge from that silence. 

Cattaneo has a knack for metaphor-making, as evidenced in album single, “Time + Love + Gravity.” The song is inspired by a physicist friend who told her that time moves slower in space because there’s no gravity. She took that concept a step further, pondering the idea that when you’re caught in the pain of love’s gravity, it definitely seems like time moves slower. She explores the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters in “Borrowed Blue,” and points out that it takes pressure and patience to turn a rough rock into a beautiful jewel in “Diamond Days.” 

Cattaneo’s silky vocals flow over delicate instrumentation, her ocean-sized depth produces songs that break your heart in the best kind of way. She reminds us that it’s in the tough times that we really find out who we are.

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