NATHAN EVANS FOX: “Carolina Boy” Premiere

This Friday, singer/songwriter Nathan Evans Fox is set to release “Carolina Boy,” the first single from his newly announced, upcoming album Wasted Love.

Nathan Evans Fox Artist Photo By Alys Barrow
Photos of Nathan Evans Fox taken by Alys Barrow

Today, Nashville-by-way-of-North Carolina (and a few points in between), troubadour Nathan Evans Fox presents Mother Church Pew with the premiere of “Carolina Boy,” the first track from his forthcoming album Wasted Love.  Synthesizing his Appalachian upbringing, his early training as a hospital chaplain, and his collection of road worn memories as an artist, Fox creates music that comes with a unique blend of sounds and perspectives. That continues with this latest release.

“This is mostly autobiographical except for the parts that may incriminate me or anyone I know,” Fox shares about the new song. Indeed, there’s a distinct honesty in Fox’s voice as he sings the track’s contemplative lyrics. 

Nathan Evans Fox Wasted Love Album Art

“This song,” Fox continues, “spells out the complicated relationship I have to my hometown. No matter how much I love the hills of North Carolina, leaving my hometown meant making better decisions instead of falling into well-worn pitfalls. The tag ‘stick to beer’ comes from a conversation I had with my mother a few years ago when we were discussing why I didn’t see myself moving back to my hometown.”

“Carolina Boy” is instantly relatable, connecting with the listener both emotionally and musically. Fox’s conflicted relationship with his childhood home is a sentiment that comes through with his gifted songwriting and is a feeling that many of us share.  The song features a traditional country sound where acoustic gets a back glow of electric guitar and a dusty drumbeat, but also links to our love of introspective folk in the vein of John Hiatt.  It all fits well with Fox’s “cosmopolitan country” description of his style—full of country notes, but willing to reflect on cultural, religious, and political strife.   

Mother Church Pew fans can join Nathan Evans Fox as he ruminates about where he’s from…and how far he’s come now with this early premiere of “Carolina Boy.”


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Photos of Nathan Evans Fox taken by Alys Barrow

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