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There’s plenty of music on Nashville’s lower Broadway–just not a lot that grabs the attention of a folk, Americana, and roots rock blog.  However, if you wade through the sea of honky-tonks blasting Journey covers and peddle taverns bumping rap beats, you’ll find a few places where the focus is still on quality bands with original songs. Enter the Taylor Scott Band (TSB), a Colorado outfit that blends blues, rock, soul, and even a few country influences.  Having informally caught a couple of their sets over the last few years, I knew it was worth it to head down to Acme Feed & Seed to watch the show.

It only takes a few notes to realize that TSB’s sound is classic. There’s a distinct throwback quality to the band’s music—but it’s nuanced.  The longer you listen, the more influences come to mind.  It’s easy to fixate on the comparisons to Duane and Devon Allman.  Afterall, TSB certainly captures the bluesier side of Duane and the rocking elements of Devon.  However, you’ll also note the hints of soul in his vocals akin to Warren Haynes’s Gov’t Mule days. It’s a combination that guarantees a funky evening of music.

Putting his excellent guitar skills to good use, Taylor Scott led the band through two sets that spanned well over two hours.  The musical connection between keys player John Wirtz and Scott makes for memorable jams, but the whole group impressively fed off each other for a slick presentation that still felt loose and free.  

TSB describes their style as “opti-misery,” highlighting the depth hidden under the current of rock.  Indeed, as the Acme crowd listened to the roster of original songs, TSB often masked contemplative lyrics with driving guitar solos and funky rhythms that inspired toe-tapping instead of sadness.  

Since a blues rock band is a change for Nashville’s lower Broadway, it’s fitting that they hooked the crowd early with, “Salted Watermelon,” a song about embracing being different. As the night continued with food orders and drink trays bustling around the room, TSB did an impressive job of keeping the crowd engaged, especially with the undeniably fun guitar solos.  As they played through songs like the hit, “Somebody Told Me,” and touched on a few covers from legends like Dr. John and Curtis Mayfield, Scott’s electric guitar never rested.  As I watched, I realized that it’s his effortlessness in playing extended and complex solos that sets TSB apart from other the acts mentioned above. Devon Allman will literally shred in your face whereas Scott stoically enthralls the room without breaking a sweat.

Taylor Scott Band

The Acme audience also got an early listen to TSB’s latest single, “Bleeding Out.”  The recorded version of the song hits hard on the funk and seemed built for high-energy live performances.  The band didn’t disappoint, turning it into a raucous blues rock jam session. The new track adds a bit of Stevie Wonder-styled soul to TSB’s mix of complex influences, that surely left the Acme crowd looking forward to see what direction TSB takes on their next album. 

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