Welcome to The Pew Playlist, a roundup of new music added to our Spotify playlist! Please enjoy our curated selection of the latest Americana, folk, alt-country, and bluegrass tracks. (And make sure to connect with the artists on social media!)

The Accidentals – “Go Getter”

The Accidentals’ new single “Go Getter” is a breezy Sarah Jarosz-meets-The Sundays kind of track about not getting bogged down in the details. Delicate harmonies and well-placed pizzicato make this smooth song flow. Be sure to check the accompanying goat-tastic music video.

Photographer Credit: Loren Johnson

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Birdtalker – “Better Days”

One of our longtime favorites, Nashville-based indie/folk outfit Birdtalker, is making a much-anticipated return with their new single “Better Days.” With goosebump-inducing harmonies and bright strings, “Better Days” gently pulses with hopeful optimism. We can’t wait to hear more.

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Karen Jonas – “Summer’s Hard For Love

With the release of her new single “Summer’s Hard For Love,” award-winning artist Karen Jonas announced her forthcoming EP Summer Songs and an accompanying autobiographical book of poetry called Gumballs. In “Summer’s Hard for Love,” Jonas relays the heart strain of cultivating new relationships after a breakup, the vulnerability easily felt in each longing note.

Karen Jonas

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Strand of Oaks – “Galacticana”

Tim Showalter, who makes music as Strand Of Oaks, announced his forthcoming album In Heaven with the release of single “Galacticana”; this slice of lush, atmospheric, folk-tinged rock conjures daydreams of desert nights lit by galaxies of stars. Perfect for sitting on the car hood, leaning back against the windshield, and pondering the universe.

Strand of Oaks
photo credit: Merrick Ales

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Sean Rowe – “To Make it Real

Internationally-acclaimed artist Sean Rowe announced his forthcoming LP The Darkness Dressed In Colored Lights (out October 8th via Fluff & Gravy Records) with the release of his single “To Make It Real.” What starts as the sun-drenched sound of the Laurel Canyon-era music scene in its verses builds into a Radiohead-esque waterfall of energy in its choruses. There’s something about Rowe’s baritone that cuts right to the core, the feeling of heartbreak and reckoning palpable at every turn.

Sean Rowe
Photo credit: Joe Navas

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