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Born in Hernando, Mississippi, a small town between Memphis and the Mississippi Delta, Anna Kline comes from a long line of musicians, singers, and artists. Multi-instrumentalist John Looney was born in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and raised in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. Together, they make up the delta-bluesy, folk rock outfit, Swift Silver. A new creative project for the pair, Swift Silver is eagerly anticipating the release of their self-titled album on June 4.  While this may be their first record together as Swift Silver, the duo have a lengthy history of collaboration, having previously released music under the moniker Grits and Soul.

Today, Mother Church Pew is proud to premiere the second single from the band’s forthcoming record.   Recorded at Fat Baby Studios, the muddy rocker, “Come On Home To Yourself,” features a complete taste of the delta from its swampy electric guitar riffs to Kline’s straight from the heart, soulful vocals.  It could easily be called quintessential blues rock—but that would take away from some of the nuances in the song’s rhythm and guitar playing that give the track its distinct sound.

The song pays homage to Kline’s connection to her Mississippi roots and her affinity for the culture that thrives along the famous river. Kline shares with Mother Church Pew: 

“‘Come On Home To Yourself’ is a love letter to the alluvial dirt of my native Mississippi and the river bluffs of Memphis. It’s a love letter to myself and a love letter to anyone who may need to hear it. Despite the Corps of Engineers’ best efforts, the Mississippi River continually pushes back against the system of locks and levees, testing the system of man-made confinement, ultimately following its own path all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve always felt a deep kinship to the River. I admire that fearlessness.

Inspired by Mississippi Fred McDowell, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Freddie King, early ZZ Top (to name a precious few), this track came to life in the studio. Kenny Miles (co-producer, engineer, and bass player) helped us craft this magnetic energy and dynamic within the arrangement. Barreling forward as it does with brother Hayden Miles’ low, rumbling bass drum rolls and keyboard pads like a big storm heading across the river from Arkansas. My partner, John, is versed in the ways—as Lowell George of Little Feat would say—conjuring up those infectious, swampy guitar licks that run through you, that feels like a jolt of electric excitement.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Come On Home To Yourself” by Swift Silver:

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