Memories of carefree days, summer sunlight, and the wonders of young love. With refreshing innocence, Laura Mustard’s new music video for her latest single, “Treehouse” lets you escape to a simpler world—or simply a world viewed with a childlike delight that we can all embrace.

A story of friendship and love grows before our eyes, blossoming from the characters of the video’s young actors.  “Working with the kids at the tree house on set was the best part of this project!” Mustard shares.  “Brayden [Huffmaster] and Lauren [Biddle] were troopers to hang out on a hot July afternoon.”  The tale is set to a breezy melody full of traditional folk elements including banjo, harmonica, mandolin, and fiddle. As the story grows, so does the music, yet it never overpowers Mustard’s inviting vocals or the laid back vibe of the song.  

Set at an actual tree house in Flintstone, GA, you can’t help but want to escape to the comfort of the rustic setting.   The vision of the video was brought to life thanks to the combination of Mustard’s own dream of living in a tree house and her collaboration with producer Matt Hoots. You will immediately notice how well the video and song blend together as a single piece of art.  Perhaps that’s due to Mustard’s excitement and hands-on work for the project.  As Mustard details, the video was something new for her:

“This was my first time making a professional music video and being a part of my own video shoot. I got to work with a videographer/director, hire actors, and find, book, and film a location, so this video also represents a lot of ‘firsts’ for me. It was a real learning experience, and I had a blast coordinating all of it…from my first meeting with Matt, the director, over coffee, to filming at the tree house with lots of bug spray, to reviewing the edits on my couch. It’s wonderful to have the finished product after all that, and I’m thrilled to finally be releasing it out into the world!”

The official video for Laura Mustard’s “Treehouse” will be released tomorrow, August 13, 2020, but Mother Church Pew’s readers can watch it now.  Grab some bug spray, a cold glass of lemonade, and a person to hold hands with, and check it out below:

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