Dolly Valentine How to Be Good Cover Art

Roads can lead us to amazing places.  Not all of them are on a map.  When you’re in a car, you think about things.  You are a captive audience and your mind finally has time to explore the feelings pushed deep inside.  Fortunately, for Dolly Valentine (Leslie Schott, formerly of Holy Golden) such introspection inspired art.  We get a taste of those creations this week with the release of two singles from Valentine’s upcoming album, How To Be Good.

The album, produced by Grammy-nominated Ryan Hadlock (Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers), gets its first single with the title track, “How To Be Good.”  A soundtrack for any journey, Valentine’s contemplative lyrics are given a lighter touch thanks to bright electric guitar and a drum rhythm that make the miles flash by. Valentine shares:      

The melody for “How to be Good” came to me in a meditation. I had already decided to call the album “How to be Good” as a remark on the process of making an album – the process of trying to make something “good.” The song is inspired by my own search for happiness and my faith in following your intuition. I believe everything is connected. I believe in the power of kindness.

Valentine’s determined, yet questioning, lyrical delivery projects the listener into her world of self-reflection. 

“How To Be Good” is followed by another slice of musing exploration on “The Time Will Come.”  An outsider looking in, she balances isolation with optimism.  Valentine shares how the song is influenced by the past, but has a view towards the future:

Growing up, I never felt like I fit in, I compared myself to others – wondering why I didn’t have what they had or couldn’t do what they did. We are all individuals on a unique path. When we focus externally we take the power away from our true voice and perspective.

Valentine’s gentle vocals are lined with hopeful brightness, with just a touch of apprehension, letting you feel the discomfort she faced to find her clarity. 

The two tracks feel like a perfect pair—both instantly familiar and enjoyable; both revealing increasing emotional depth the longer you listen.  “I hope these songs can be a light for someone and a reminder to be patient and loving towards yourself,” Valentine reflects. “Choose to be good when you can, and you know in your heart what goodness is for you.” 

The double release of “How To Be Good” and “The Time Will Come” is officially tomorrow, but Mother Church Pew is proud to present the Premiere of these two wonderful Americana treats a day early!  Take a listen!

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