Premiere: “How You Disappear” by Bob Bradshaw

Here at Mother Church Pew, we’re suckers for an interesting concept album. Irish-born, Boston-based Bob Bradshaw is scratching that itch with the upcoming release his new record Queen Of The West on September 27th. In Queen of The West, Bradshaw uses thirteen cross-connected songs featuring a small cast of characters to tell the story of gun-toting femme fatale Ruby Black. Along the way, Bradshaw explores issues of identity, struggle, loss, and ultimately redemption, as Ruby pleads with the saints to save her son’s life

“How You Disappear,” a track from the second half of Queen Of The West written in the style of a 1960s Roy Orbison tune, presents another chapter in Ruby’s story–with her ‘glory days’ now behind her, she ponders the relationship with her husband Tom, formerly the driver of her tour bus. How is it possible for a person to be present and absent at the same time?

With its laid back groove and reverb-laden saunter, the story is allowed to stand at centerstage. Bradshaw’s vocal style, which is superbly suited for relaying a good tale, paints warmly-colored strokes on the canvas of Ruby’s life. “How You Disappear” is a sun-drenched dream of a song.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “How You Disappear” by Bob Bradshaw:

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