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“I’m writing a lot of empowerment jams these days, and I think it’s because it’s what I need. I’ve written albums full of what I needed to say, but this album is full of songs I need to hear,” says Rebecca Loebe of her new album Give Up Your Ghosts, set for release on February 8th via Blue Corn Records. Woven throughout the album’s tapestry are themes of letting go, being resilient, and taking life as it comes, especially the challenges one faces as a woman.

And now she’s on a guerrilla mission to share messages others need to hear as well. “I like to write catchy songs about topics that are meaningful to me, but use fun hooks to put words in people’s mouths,” Loebe admits. “My favorite thing is to get people singing along before they even realize they’re singing about women’s equality or their own self-worth.”

Today, Loebe shares her new single “Tattoo.” “‘Tattoo’ is a song I didn’t know I had inside me,” she reveals. “I was in the middle of a busy tour in Europe with zero time to work on new music… so of course, that’s when the idea for a new song came. I sat cross-legged on the floor of a guest room outside Amsterdam, surrounded by my half-packed luggage, and started plucking this fingerpicking pattern. It shook something loose inside me. In part, this song was written for a character, for someone freshly stung by heartache, but to get there I tapped into an old heartbreak of mine. I was working with feelings that I didn’t even realize I was still holding onto,” she adds. “And yeah, I do still have the tattoo.”

It’s a funny thing, life…in order to understand it, you have to look backward. In order to live it, you have to look forward. We have little reminders of our experiences that stay with us, often just memories, some more permanent. “What do I do with this tattoo?” she sings, as her tender vocals express wistful remembrance rimmed with sweet melancholy. Loebe gently welcomes us into her musical world and plucks every heartstring along the way.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Tattoo” by Rebecca Loebe:

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