Video Premiere: “Turn Around” by Frank Viele

Frank Viele, who until now has been New England’s songwriting secret weapon, recently released his new album, What’s His Name?, featuring a blend of blues-tinged gut-punchers flavored with searing slide guitar licks and his signature rasp and growl.

Today, Viele unleashes an in-studio video of album track “Turn Around.”I wrote ‘Turn Around’ on a plane ride to the west coast.  My knees got weak when I crossed paths with a female in an airport and as luck would have it, she ends up sitting right next to me, to my right, on the plane,” he explains. “Without a guitar in my hand, I’m typically shy, but I mustered up enough courage to introduce myself and she smiled and told me her name was Hannah.  She then put her headphones on, but left her left headphone off as if to say ‘you seem like a nice guy and I’m open to some conversation with you on this flight.’  So at that moment, I did what any shy singer-songwriter would do…I opened up my notebook and wrote a song about how I was going to find the courage to strike up a conversation and get her full attention,” he continues. “As the story goes, by the time I figured it all out and finished the song, the flight was over and I couldn’t find her at baggage claim.  But I’ll always remember that flight to Oregon!”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Turn Around,” the new video from Frank Viele:

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Susan Hubbard

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