Video Premiere: “MacLeod’s Farewell/Palmer’s Gate” by The Fretless

Award-winning fiddling foursome The Fretless has taken traditional Irish folk music and turned it on its head with their recently-released album, Live From The Artfarm. 

Through its deconstruction and transformation of the usual rhythmic, harmonic and structured arrangements of fiddle styles around the world, the Canadian band is pushing traditional music to a new place, and on a serious mission to find and convert fans unfamiliar with “progressive” traditional music. Their new instrumental album, recorded live in a barn in upstate New York before a handful-sized audience assembled only a few feet away from the players, makes the audience the fifth band member and captures the raw energy of the band’s live performance. 

“We’ve made a record of our favorite pub tunes, but transformed them in our world of arrangement and intricacy,” says fiddle and viola player, Trent Freeman. “We are hoping to bring the current pub crowd audience to us and we are hoping to bring a new crowd to the pub, too. We want everyone involved and there’s no better way than to have you in the room with us.”

The Fretless is also releasing a series of captivating videos made during the live recording; today, they unveil the performance video for “MacLeod’s Farewell/Palmer’s Gate,” a beautiful display of the harmoniously intricate bonds between four stringed voices, one that connects us to the past, and propels us towards the future.  

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “MacLeod’s Farewell/Palmer’s Gate” by The Fretless:

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