Premiere: “Drunk With My Friends” by Whiskey In The Pines

“The song is about years and years and years ago I went through a weird transition in life where one relationship was ending and another one was beginning,” explains David Lareau, frontman of northern Florida’s Whiskey In The Pines, of the band’s new single, “Drunk With My Friends.” “I had kind of been what I can only best describe as floating. The only real purpose I had in those days was relying on my friends to pass the time and coping with all these feelings by either getting stoned or drinking. I remember writing down a note one night that said: ‘I’ll get drunk with my friends, probably get stoned, laugh ‘til the air finally leaves both my lungs, forget about you, that is, if you want me to.’”

Ten years later, Lareau was at a tailgate when the melody, as he says, fell out of the sky and landed in his beer. Inspired by a steady diet of Neil Young and reflection, Lareau decided to pen a tribute to his friends. “They’ve always been there for me during the shit-storms of my life and for that, I’m eternally grateful. There is nothing more reassuring than seeing your friend pull up with a bottle of your favorite whiskey and telling you everything is gonna be alright,” he reveals. “Sometimes the only way to self-heal is to just have a little fun, make yourself numb, and know that the sun will rise again.”

Whiskey In The Pines has been described as “What Oasis might sound like if they were from Florida, drank more and fought with each other less”; “Drunk With My Friends,” a dusty, anthemic Americana road song, appears on the band’s forthcoming EP, Sunshine From The Blue Cactus, out February 2nd, which brims with honesty and southern grit.

Without further ado, MCP presents “Drunk With My Friends” by Whiskey In The Pines:

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