Album Review: Trout Streak Revival – Spirit To The Sea

Trout Steak Revival has nothing to prove, yet everything to show off in their fourth album, Spirit To The Sea, set for release on November 3rd. This Colorado-based quintet displays growth and maturity as they reach great heights in their expression and their harmonies, with a richer and tighter sound than their previous endeavors.

The album, produced by The Infamous Stringdusters’ Chris Pandolfi, highlights the best attributes of this bluegrass force as they maintain their natural, string-focused crystalline sound and strong, tight knit harmonies; the connection between these amazing musicians is palpable, its power radiates through every song.

Album opener “Last Chance” showcases a beautiful dance between fiddle and banjo; banjo sidles up with guitar on the quick-paced “You are not Alone,” its warm vocals carried atop a lighter melody. Fingers fly across fretboards at a dizzying pace—in traditional bluegrass fashion, they blend seamlessly as one, yet take individual turns at the musical wheel as they trade solos up one side of the song and down the other. Much of the album explores love that leaves, and love that comes back – a lyrical mirror to the sonic dance, back and forth, giving and taking.  The band’s earnest delivery combined with an uplifting spirit creates a unique sense of urgent optimism.

The energy of Trout Steak Revival’s live show reinforces the elegance, strength and playful qualities of their recorded music; with Spirit To The Sea, this band has beautifully hit their stride.

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