Premiere: “What Makes You” by Josh Washam

After four releases as one half of rock duo Natural Forces, Nashville-based singer/songwriter/producer Josh Washam has embraced the acoustic influences from his adopted hometown with his forthcoming solo effort, The Washam Machine. Recorded on an eight-track in his own home studio and set for release at the beginning of October, The Washam Machine explores relevant issues while trying to find peace and purpose in a wild world.

Today, Washam unleashes “What Makes You,” his second single from the album, which simply asks, “What makes you happy? What are you here to do?” “In this information age the options are endless but finding and doing what you love most is a rarity, especially to make a living doing it,” explains Washam. “It’s everyone’s duty to find their place in the world and be happy while they’re living in it.”

The song is a rollicking invitation to ruminate and converse, to examine who we are, and to make the most of the short time we have been gifted. With its head-bobbing groove and blend of grassy strings and rock n’ roll roots, the “What Makes You” is like a warm and grassy field that invites a spread-out blanket and a contemplative sun gazer.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “What Makes You” by Josh Washam:

[Josh Washam will celebrate the release of his new record with a show at The Crying Wolf in Nashville on Sunday, October 8th with local folkicana outfit My Politic and singer/songwriter Cait Leary.]

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