Premiere: “Red Hot Red” by Shelly Waters

Americana singer/songwriter Shelly Waters is set to release her new, self-titled album on July 28th. Recorded in Nashville with renowned producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaler, the 12-song concoction is as flavorful as the jambalaya made in her home state of Louisiana; her sound derives its spice from the holy trinity of blues, country, and rock. “I want my music to represent all of those genres – because that’s what I love best – and I love blending those sounds together,” Waters affirms. “Growing up in South Louisiana I listened to a lot of swamp pop, old R&B, and rock ’n’ roll.  Those tones and those iconic voices are what I’m drawn to and that’s what I feel the most comfortable singing. My music is Americana through and through.”

Waters’ new single, “Red Hot Red,” is a 90s-esque country rocker, and brings levity to an otherwise heavy and serious tracklist. “I had written with fellow songwriter Rick Glaze several times before.  During one of our sessions in his writing studio in Nashville, he suggested a hook line of “I’ll turn your blue blood red,” she recalls of the song’s origins.  “I asked him to tell me more about it.  He said he was dating a girl a few years ago in Nashville who was brought up in a privileged and high society… sometimes referred to as a ‘blue blood.’  As things go in romance, Rick proclaimed he was going to turn her blue blood red.  I caught right on to the idea and couple hours later, ‘Red Hot Red’ was done,” she continues. “It was one of the most fun writing sessions I’ve ever done. We had a great time with ‘Red Hot Red.’” We’re pretty sure you will too.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Red Hot Red” by Shelly Waters:

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