MCP Sessions: Hugh Masterson – “Lost And Found”

Hugh Masterson, Nashville-based alt-country troubadour and the pride of Butternut, Wisconsin, will release his solo debut, Lost + Found, on Friday, June 2nd via Rock Ridge Music.  Recently, Masterson, who is a skilled craftsman of all things wooden, invited us to one of his happy places, and performed the album’s title track just for us!

The song tells the story of getting mugged one night in Milwaukee– Masterson was hit in the head with a tire iron and his jaw was broken in two places. “I got beat up just walking around town/Hold my head up high still on the ground/Don’t know why I came here/Don’t know what I’m fighting for,” he sings in the introduction, his raspy voice evidence of life experience, his expression serious as he channels his emotion into his music and recounts the horrific event. “It’s about when you feel like you’re not sure why things happen to you,” he explains. “You’re not sure how to navigate life the best way that you possibly can, because you’re not seeing the signs that you need yet.” We sure are glad his signs pointed to Nashville.

Check out this exclusive performance of “Lost And Found” by Hugh Masterson:


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