Premiere: “Lost In This Canyon” by The Two Tracks

Heartfelt emotion. Soul-stirring sound. These are ways to describe Sheridan, Wyoming’s The Two Tracks, who will release their forthcoming album, Postcard Town, on May 19th. Produced by the legendary Will Kimbrough, the record features 11 new tracks inspired by the spirit of the open road. Today, the band releases “Lost In This Canyon,” a single from Postcard Town.

“‘Lost In This Canyon’ was written about a time in my life when I was a winter caretaker of a backcountry lodge in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California,” explains multi-instrumentalist and vocalist David Huebner. “People would often accidentally ski off the backside of the nearby ski area and get lost in the woods near my cabin and that idea of me living where others would get ‘lost’ is what sparked the chorus of the song.  The first lines, ‘the mountains are empty but they are my friends, they never judge me,’  are an adaptation of something a friend told me one day while we were out skiing near the cabin, he’d been judged rather harshly for some things in his past and found sanctuary in the open spaces of the backcountry,” he continues. “The second verse mentions ‘my mother, she tells me it’s too easy to let it all pass by, you’ve got to stop and find positivity,’ but what it doesn’t say is that my mom has maintained this positive focus despite being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the 1980s, and ending up in a wheelchair as a result.  The strength with which she’s handled the disease has been an incredible inspiration, and celebrating that positivity in this song is very special for me.”

The song also pays tribute to Huebner’s literary heroes, Henry Thoreau and Gary Snyder, and celebrates the freedom of living in the great wide open, the rich cello and pedal steel flourishes accentuating the yearning felt upon realizing that there is something more, and that it is yours for the taking.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Lost In This Canyon” by The Two Tracks:

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