“Overthinking” – New Video from Craig Brown Band

“I’m not overthinking, I’m not ever thinking,” sings Craig Brown, Detroit’s most beloved bartender, cook, and ping-pong champion who has decided to strike out (a phrase which will be pretty punny once you watch the video) and go solo.

A mixture of honky tonk and rock n’ roll rules the day here, as Brown, accompanied by a rollicking backup band composed of Eric, Perry and Young Andrew who hold down the bedraggled hillbilly-deluxe-meets-dive-bar-classic-rock, offset by the pitch-perfect honeyed harmonies of Drinkard sisters, Caitlin and Bonnie.

The band will release their debut full-length The Lucky Ones Forget, via Third Man Records, available for preorder now. The video for lead single “Overthinking,” features the band in several situations, one of which revolves around every touring group’s age-old struggle with their van.

Watch the video, and find out why Craig Brown Band is going to be your new favorite:

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