Pew Playlist: 3 Albums That Should Be On Your Radar, 12/16/16

Robbie Fulks – Upland Stories

Robbie Fulks tries to make songs that offer more than verse-chorus-hook: songs that have space, calmness, unresolved tensions, and the hallmarks of lived experience. This sort of complexity is displayed in Fulks’ Grammy-nominated Upland Stories. His richly emotional storytelling is illuminated by his instrumental prowess and emotional voice, reflected through the lens of fatherhood, marriage, middle age, and the literary voices to which he is drawn and from which he draws: Flannery O’Connor, Anton Chekhov, Mary Lavin, Frank O’Connor, Javier Marias, James Agee. It’s splendid.

Zoë Nutt – Like You

Though Zoë Nutt is a superb storyteller, it’s her vocal interpretation of those words that brings her musical tales to life. Her ethereal voice is like the gauzy mist that settles on the Scottish Moors, one that does not obscure the view, but provides a layer of beauty.   She’s a Southern siren; hers is a voice you will not soon forget.

Callie Hopper – Out Of The Shadows

Singer/songwriter Callie Hopper‘s second album, Out of the Shadows, is a refreshing blend of genres, including folk, pop, rock, and country. Her voice is at once soft and haunting, with hints of sassitude, her lyrics her lyrics encompass topics from love and dreams, to loss and betrayal. Her passion comes through clearly on this album, and it satisfies the soul.

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