Premiere: “Wishing Well” by Kent Eugene Goolsby

Desert-tinged reverb-y guitar riffs, minor keys, and Americana artist Kent Eugene Goolsby’s weathered voice bring the Southern Gothic style to life throughout Temper Of The Times, his forthcoming album set for release on November 11th.

With Temper Of The Times, Goolsby, who has shared stages with Jason Isbell, Drive-by Truckers, and Lilly Hiatt, celebrates the journey rather than the destination; “And now there’s more coins than water/In that ol’ wishing well/But if I could have every cent back/I’d spend it just the same as I did before,” he sings in “Wishing Well”, a poetic tale of success born from difficulty and dues-paying.

Of the song’s inspiration, Goolsby explains; “‘Wishing Well’ is about the hardships that all songwriters and creative folks face from one time or another – disillusionment, wavering faith in the craft, etc., but continuing the work regardless because through this process you discover your own truth, time and time again.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents the premiere of “Wishing Well” by Kent Eugene Goolsby:

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