“I Was Only Lovin’ You” – New Music from Jaymay

Poets, painters, authors, filmmakers, and artists of all kinds uncover inspiration within the truth. As art timelessly and endlessly reflects life, it’s the ultimate wellspring of creativity. Aptly, Jaymay delivers her second full-length record, To Tell The Truth on August 26, 2016. 

The 13 songs on To Tell the Truth elegantly tell the tale of her journey over the past five years. Bookending the trials and tribulations of both her personal struggle and the tragic passing of her developmentally disabled sister Cassie, at age 26, the music paints a poignant portrait of life, loss and love colored by acoustic guitar, piano, literary lyricism, and her vulnerable and vital vocals. 

Partnering with PledgeMusic for the release of To Tell The Truth, a percentage of album proceeds benefit The Center For Discovery in Monticello, NY, where Cassie attended school. Jaymay literally welcomed fans to be a part of the process and the PledgeMusic campaign is still open HERE

During the time in which physical frailty made just holding a guitar a struggle, Jaymay also shifted her mode of expression to the visual arts, honing her skills in painting and collage. This artwork became inextricably tied to her music, and originals and limited edition prints are available as companion pieces to the album. 2016 proved the right time for this body of work to be both heard AND seen.

“I have an obsession with truth telling,” says Jaymay. “I would say the muse for writing in the first place is to learn about myself. That’s how it’s always been. In order to craft the record, I took the best songs I’d written over the past five years and built To Tell The Truth. The album is the realization of an original goal. Telling the truth is the epitome of what I was feeling. I’m finally ready to reintroduce myself to the public.”

Get a taste of what’s to come with Jaymay’s introspective acoustic anthem, “I Was Only Lovin’ You”:.

Purchase “I Was Only Lovin’ You”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-was-only-lovin-you-single/id1127546631 

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