“Galaxy” – New Single from Stephen Kellogg

Just in time for Mother’s Day, rockicana troubadour Stephen Kellogg released a stirring new single, “Galaxy”, from his latest album South, West, North, East.
 Of the tune, which was inspired by his wife, Kirsten, Kellogg says:
“‘Galaxy’ is a song about being tangled up with someone you love. A well-worn idea to be sure, but when you find your one person (which for me happened in 1993 when I was 15 years old), it’s such a gift to lose yourself in that embrace. Now she’s the mother of our four children, and those times for us can only be referred to as what my own mother calls treasured moments.'”
The singer’s catalog is full of love songs for his wife and their girls.  A sample from the liner notes of  South, West, North, East reiterates his passionate devotion and gratitude; “Kirsten, if there is one single decision that has sent my life on a positive trajectory, it was the decision to put as much effort as possible into making you my girl. It feels as though I could have met you at any age and in any place and I would have known then and there that I loved you. Because you loved me back, everything works.”
Check out “Galaxy”, and show a mom in your life some love this weekend:


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