Interview: Stephen Babcock

SB.jpgNew York City-based singer/songwriter Stephen Babcock, the self-described Northern boy with a Southern heart, has a unique pre-show ritual; “Before I play every show, I always listen to ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ by Kesha,” he says with a laugh.  “It gets me hyped up, it’s like my ‘Eye Of The Tiger.’

Babcock, who grew up playing, writing, and performing music, went to college to study the art, and cut his teeth at open mic nights.  Now, the songcrafter has released his latest album, Said & Done, eight popicana-tinged stories of youth, love experienced and lost, and recognizing when it’s time to move on.

Said & Done was mostly inspired by a girl named Georgia from Alabama whom Babcock met in college.  “She probably hates that I bring her up in every single interview,” he laughs. The track “Tightrope” from the album is a fine example of what Babcock wants to convey with his music, what he calls “pop wearing an Americana jacket”. The song also mentions Georgia by name.  Bless her heart.  “She lives in Washington, D.C., I haven’t seen in her a long time,” Babcock says about his muse.  “Said & Done is kind of like a goodbye letter in several ways. Some of the songs are older ones I’d written, and putting them out there the way I wanted to is a way to be done with them.  It’s also like saying goodbye to my youth, and saying goodbye to those I’ve had romantic history with; something I learned when making the record was when to move on. Every song on the record touches on love and loss in a way.”

It’s a message that resonates with his listeners, who frequently approach him after shows seeking relationship advice.  “I’m not Dr. Phil, but it’s inspiring to hear why people like my songs,” he says with a chuckle. “I love that people tell me what a song means to them.  That’s one reason why I do this, to connect with people, to be a voice for people.”

There is touring along east coast for Babcock in the immediate future, so be sure to catch his live show when he swings through your town:

Purchase Said & Done:


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