“Skinny Kids” – New Music from El Campo

Irreverent alt-country quintet El Campo have returned to bring more banjo-kicked, folk-inspired fun with the release of their latest EP, Skinny Kids/Sloe-Eyed. Driven by their down-home flair and enlightened songwriting chops, the 7” double A-side will offer a hint of what’s on the horizon for the Texas crew, and will be available to graze the eardrums of fans old and new on January 15th.

El Campo have taken 90’s emo to the dirt and raised it back up in Wranglers. One part folk, one part banjo and a little bit of debauchery, lead singer and songwriter and chief songwriter Jerid Reed Morris, paints lyrical visions and melodies that catch in your mind like a stick in the mud. “Skinny Kids” opens with lonesome longing that gets punched up by claw-picking banjo.

Be on the lookout for national tour dates coming very soon, and snag your first listen to “Skinny Kids” here:

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