“Setting Out” – New Music from Citizen Of The World

Citizen of the World has built on the success of the foot-stomping folk-rock genre, popularized by the likes of Mumford & Sons, to carve a new genre described by some as “epic folk”.  The band successfully combines the unique sound of the saxophone with acoustic folk and traditional rock to have you reflecting on the stories that shape your life. Since forming in 2012, the band has played at various venues and band competitions around Sydney, toured India, released their first EP, and is now releasing their third music video. 

Their new song ‘Setting Out’ fits directly into their signature genre of epic folk, combining contemplative verses with a powerful chorus lifted up by a strong drums and horns section, and tackles the strong feelings associated with new beginnings, new projects, and new perspectives. The kick carries the song through soft verses and strong choruses, and tries to harness a multitude of emotions into one piece.

The song was recorded and mixed in Gerrit’s living room in Coogee (affectionately known as Bay Street Records). The video was shot at the famous Junkyard in Londonderry, NSW, and edited by The TAG Collective. The video gives the rather somber song a more joyful perspective, with the band setting out to a new adventure just to find themselves enjoying themselves where they are.

“Setting Out” will be released December 30th.

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