New Music: Alela Diane & Ryan Francesoni

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.58.05 AMIt is difficult to put your finger on what exactly makes Alela Diane and Ryan Franesconi so distinct. Their story, when being referred to collectively, is a relatively modest and simple one. They’re two people who met at a mutual friend’s show, who happened to chat about “writer’s block.”

Franesconi was lacking the inspiration to make music and Diane was struggling to find a fluent path following the birth of her daughter. So they figured they would pool the communal standstill.   It couldn’t hurt right?

Although the intricacies of Franesconi’s style would initially challenge Diane, over time the songs wore her down and cured her procrastination.

Once the flood gates opened, the pair was unstoppable, writing songs fluently and cohesively as if they had been lifelong business partners. Those creations would eventually make up the bones of Cold Moon, out October 16th on Rusted Records/Believe Records.

Sample two tracks from the release here:

“The Sun Today”


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